Coat unlined or lined pipes or connections from DN32 – DN200 / 1¼” – 8″ with the  Coating Pump and Mini Miller combination. Clean first with the  Miller machine, then coat anything from a small area (such as a lined connection) to entire piping systems, for example blocks of flats ,commercial wash rooms , main stacks below ground drainage , repairs to clay pipes


  • Horizontal or vertical pipelines
  • Hybrid solution – using CIPP for mainline/stacks and coating for laterals
  • Protective coating barrier to prevent rust and corrosion to increase flow in the pipe
  • Structural improvement dependent on number of coats applied
  • Coat end of line where lined short with CIPP
  • Gapping, filling gaps between liners
  • Can coat 90° bend

How does it work?

  • After cleaning, add the coating pump to the Miller machine
  • Tape delivery hose and CCTV camera to outer casing of the Miller shaft
  • Attach brushes to the shaft, which rotates to spread resin evenly over inner pipe wall
  • Operator can control coverage


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